The world around us is constantly moving. Every second brings something new and unique to this little floating space rock that we call home. Humans are one of those things. Animals, the grass, the water, the sky, the mountains. Each thing in the universe, although similar, is completely unique in its own way. Photography is the science of capturing light. We are light. Our souls are light.  And we are star dust, one with the universe. Astrology is the study of the energy of the planets and stars of the cosmos and their effect on humans and events. Tarot is a divination tool used to tap into your intuition, your spiritual side and connect with your Higher Self, to above all, learn about oneself. I’m just another student in this weird thing we call life, but I’m here hoping to showcase the beauty of the world through every day moments, the beauty of the soul, and help others on their own journeys. So tell me, are you ready to Explore Yourself?